Twisted Spirits

Twisted Spirits are IT geeks turned gin geeks, we wanted to take their love of data and apply it to the often traditional world of gin. TS's gins have very distinctive flavours we wanted the consumer to experience each flavour before tasting it, which is hard with a clear liquid.

So we open sourced their ingredient data, representing every ingredient as a coloured bar, the more of it the bigger the bar. Each flavour is printed onto it's own tactile embossed GFSmith Colorplan, so it feels like it tastes, this also enabled us to have colour inside the bottle. To finish the label and a little more flair we used a pearlescent foil 100F00 from Foil Co.

The website layout nods to the early days of the internet, a nostalgic loading page takes the user to the option of arranging the gins by their ingredient of choice, and there's a lot to choose from. It's a great way to discover what flavour the colour bars represent on the labels.

Printed in the method as the labels the range of business cards act like taster cards for the products, again subtly suggesting the tastes using our other senses.

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